Registering at the Town Hall

Registering at the Town Hall

Registering at the Town Hall

The regional administrative register compiles all the inhabitants living in the region. This data serves as proof of residence. Spanish Law states that it is mandatory for all citizens to register their place of residence.

This register is a free of charge service and simple procedure that certifies the living status of inhabitants, their civic rights and duties, and also proves the time spent in Spain.

Documentation to be submitted:

  • Spanish Id Number (N.I.E).
  • Passport.
  • Rental agreement or sales deeds on which the name of the titleholder appears.

Citizens need to be registered for:

  • Enrol their children in schools,
  • Apply for the healthcare card.
  • Receive benefits and social allowances.
  • Regulate their status: residence and work permit.
  • Access other public regional services and programs.

It is mandatory for foreign residents who do not have a permanent residence permit in our country to renew their registration every two years. Inhabitants with a permanent residence permit will only have to confirm their residence status every two years. 

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